Benefits of Charity (Spiritual, Psychological & Societal)

Millions of people donate to charities every day.

Charity is donating for a purpose without expecting anything in return.

It can be anything like giving time, money, or things.

People give charity for different causes they believe in.

The charity has many positive effects on the giver and the taker. When you give, only then do you realize how rewarding it is.

You will be surprised to know that giving charity to an organization or an individual is more rewarding to you than the one who receives it. The one who gives gets way more satisfaction than the one who receives.

You may find charities for different causes such as health, education, culture, environment, jobs, animal care, etc.

In this article, we’ve shared the benefits of charity in detail.

After reading this article, you’ll know why every one of us should give to charity on a regular basis and what its rewards are.

Let’s get started.


Benefits of Charity in Islam


In Islam, we call charity “Sadaqah“.

The literal meaning of the word ‘sadaqah’ is righteousness and sincerity.

Islam emphasizes that a balanced society can only be formed with sincerity of faith and righteous behavior.

Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was so generous that he used to charity whatever he had. He never kept anything for himself. He had a perfect character, so we should try our best to be more like him.

We learn from Qur’an and the Sunnah that Allah (SAW) has promised us many benefits if we become selfless and do as much charity as possible.

Islam emphasizes a lot on charity.

Charity is considered the third most crucial component of our faith in Islam. The charity has more benefits for the giver than the receiver.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be doing charity regularly:


1. Helps cure illness

The Prophet (SAW) said,

“Treat your sick ones with charity.”

When you give for the sake of Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) cures all the illnesses of that man. All the evil is taken off. Allah (SWT) is Al-Shafi.

The Prophet (SAW) also said:

“Sadaqah appeases the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death.” 


2. Eases hardships

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Give the Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

Only Allah (SWT) can ease our hardships and pains when we face any difficulty. Everything in this world is under the control of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

“Allah removes what He wishes and establishes what He wishes, for He has the Mother of Books.”


3. You are rewarded even in the hereafter

In Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says:

“Indeed, the men who practice charity and the women who practice charity and [they who] have loaned Allah a goodly loan – it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.”

Allah (SWT) promises that Charity is not only rewarded in this world but also in the hereafter.


4. Extinguishes sins

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“Charity extinguishes the sins like water extinguishes a fire.”

If a charity is done with sincere intention and for the sake of Allah (SWT), then it’ll remove your sins and protect you from hellfire.


5. One of the gates of Jannah

“But those who feared their Lord will be driven to Paradise in groups until, when they reach it while its gates have been opened and its keepers say, “Peace be upon you; you have become pure; so enter it to abide eternally therein,” (Quran 39:73)

As Sadaqah is one of the eight gates of Jannah, only those who were charitable and gave Sadaqah will be allowed to enter from this door.


6. Shade on the Day of Judgment

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”

As charity removes the discomfort of the receiver, Allah (SWT) will remove the pains of the giver in the hereafter.


7. Purifies the nafs

In Quran, Allah (SWT) says:

“By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give (freely) of that which you love. And whatever you spend; indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.” (Al Imraan 3:92)

Charity helps us to get rid of the habit of collecting and saving wealth.

It purifies the nafs and helps people achieve calm and peace in life.


8. Acceptance of duas

Allah (SWT) accepts all the duas of the person who does charity.

When a person spends for the sake of Allah (SWT) to comfort His men, Allah (SWT) accepts all his duas and removes his discomforts.


9. Maintains balance in society

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns, or bones from people’s paths is a charity. Your guidance of a person who is lost is a charity.” 

People with more wealth spend on the needy, which brings balance to our society.


10. Reward after death

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).”

The charity benefits not only a person in this world but also in the hereafter.


11. Protection from hellfire

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Protect yourself from hellfire even by giving a piece of date as charity.”

Even a little charity can save you from hellfire because Allah (SWT) loves this act so much.


12. Seeking Allah (SWT)’s pleasure

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“A crafty one, a miser, and one who keeps reminding people of what he has given will not enter Paradise.”

Allah (SWT) loves those who give. You will seek Allah (SWT)’s pleasure if the charity is done with a sincere intentions.


13. Increases your wealth

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Allah, the Exalted, says, ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.”

Allah (SWT) promises that He will increase our wealth if we spend it on His people.

If we spend one penny, He will return it for us by multiplying it ten times.


Benefits of charity in Ramadan


In the holy month of Ramadan, most people give charity more than they do for the rest of the year.

This is because Ramadan is the month of immense blessings and has many benefits for Muslims.

Every good deed done during Ramadan is rewarded way more than on other days.

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“Ramadan is an Honorable and blessed month, and the rewards for generosity are multiplied in it.”

Charity holds an important place in Islam. It has many benefits in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Let’s see some of the benefits of charity in Ramadan.


1. Along with fasting in the daytime and performing your night prayers, charity means the guarantee to enter heaven.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“O People! One who gives Iftaar to a fasting person during this month [Ramadan] will be like one who has freed someone, and his past sins will be forgiven.” 

So you can see, how rewarding it is to just give iftar to a person in Ramadan.


2. It becomes easier for you to do charity during Ramadan because Allah (SWT) locks up Satan during this month.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened, and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.”


3. As many as seven hundred folds will increase the reward of doing charity during Ramadan.

The Prophet (SAW) said:

“The best act of charity is carried out in the month of Ramadan.” 


4. Giving charity during Ramadan will become a source of protection from hellfire.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Upper hand is better than the lower hand. The upper hand is the hand of a giver, and the lower hand is the hand of a beggar.”

At another point, Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Giving alms can erase sins just like water ceases fire.”


5. Allah (SWT) loves all the good deeds a Muslim performs, so it will become easier for you to gain Allah’s pleasure.

The Qur’an states:

“Worship none but God; be virtuous toward parents, kinsfolk, orphans, and the indigent; speak to people in a goodly way, and perform the salah and give the alms.”


Spiritual benefits of charity


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso

The spiritual benefits of charity are:

Spiritually, charity makes our soul content.

Giving something to others without expecting anything will make us selfless, and our minds will remain at peace.

There’s a rule of this world.

Whatever you give, you will get it back.

Whatever good you do or whatever evil you may do will return to you sooner or later.

When a person believes that he is doing charity for the sake of Allah (SWT), he does not expect anything in return. This will bring a sense of inner serenity and happiness to him.

Allah (SWT) purifies the heart of the person who does charity. His heart becomes content. He loses interest in worldly things and focuses more on the hereafter.

The person who receives charity, his heart is also purified from envy and hatred that he may have for the rich and powerful people.

The charity helps strengthen the brotherhood ties between the rich and the poor.

Charity detaches the person from the greed of wealth.

Allah (SWT) showers His blessings, forgiveness, and pleasure on the person who purifies his soul after maintaining the habit of doing charity.


Psychological benefits of charity


“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson

The charity also gives you psychological benefits along with so many other benefits.

Here are some of them:

  • You get mentally satisfied
  • You get greater self-esteem.
  • It lowers the risk of depression.
  • Charity is one of the most satisfying things for your psychological health.
  • Mentally, you become selfless.
  • The part of your brain that controls the feeling of happiness and pleasure gets active while you give.
  • You develop life satisfaction and a sense of purpose.
  • Coping with grief becomes easier for you.
  • You will notice improvements in your mood.


Societal benefits of giving charity


The charity has so many positive effects on society.

Giving time or money to someone without expecting anything in return can be satisfying.

Some of the societal benefits of charity are mentioned below:

  • Departments like education, health, culture, jobs, and the environment get improved by charity.
  • People come close and develop a sense of unity.
  • Charity increases the power of a society.
  • A sense of generosity is developed within society.
  • It helps communities to become more sustainable.
  • Racial equality is encouraged in societies.
  • Poverty reduces within societies.
  • Charity help to bring attention to the most neglected and severe issues of society.
  • Human rights are respected and given more importance when society practices charity.
  • Major public health issues can be addressed through charity.
  • Gender equality is ensured in society. Women are given equal rights to getting a better education, health, and job opportunities.


Benefits of charity events


Conducting charity events can be very beneficial for awareness and for collecting more funds for the purpose you are trying for.

Here are some of the benefits of charity events:

  • You get to raise more funds. Charity events will bring in more donors.
  • You work for a food cause.
  • It will increase awareness among people.
  • It brings you closer to achieving your goal.
  • You understand your community better.
  • You will be able to make positive changes in your society.
  • A charity event will make it easier for you to move on to a larger charity from the smaller one.
  • Donors develop more faith in charity through charity events.
  • You build your teamwork skills.
  • Your communication skills get improved.


Benefits of charity shops


Charity shops are shops that sell second-hand goods so that they can raise money for charity.

They have many benefits for our society as well as the environment.

Let’s see some of the benefits of charity shops:

  • A charity shop always ensures that the goods can be re-used by selling them again.
  • Most of the goods at a charity shop are recycled.
  • Charity shops reduce the waste material from our planet.
  • All the profit from charity shops goes to charity.
  • If you are on a budget and want something nice, charity shops are the best places to visit.
  • Needy people can get all the good things on a budget.
  • Clothes, books, and many other items are available at charity shops.


Benefits of charity work


There are tons of benefits of charity work.

Doing charity work has no negative effect on anyone.

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” Brian Tracy

Let’s see some of the benefits of charity work:

  • Charity work can give you confidence that you can be helpful for any big purpose in life.
  • You will be able to make a difference in society overall and individually in people’s lives.
  • You will have the feeling of being an important part of society.
  • You will gain new experiences and learn new skills.
  • Charity work will give you inner satisfaction. You will have a sense of accomplishment.
  • You will discover your new talents.
  • Meeting new people will give you exposure to the outer world.
  • Your self-esteem will be improved.
  • Most of all, this will be fun for you.


Benefits of charity work for businesses


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Mohammed Ali

Here are some of the benefits of charity work for businesses:

  • Besides just gaining profits, charity work will give your business a purpose.
  • It will strengthen your relationship with the community.
  • Your attachment to charity work will help you gain the trust of people.
  • Your business will increase as well as customer loyalty.
  • When your whole staff works together for a cause, there comes a sense of unity within an institute.
  • Participation in charitable works will help you build networks.
  • Your company name or brand name can become appealing to people when involved with charity work.

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