Top 10 Benefits of Flying Business Class

The benefits of flying business class are numerous, but we understand that the cost can be prohibitive for some.

If you’re wavering on whether or not to splurge on a business class ticket, here are ten reasons that may sway your decision.


1. More comfortable seats

The seats in business class are larger and more comfortable than those in the economy, with more legroom, wider seats, and reclining options.

You’ll also have access to things like pillows and blankets to make your flight as comfortable as possible.


2. Improved service

The service in business class is generally much better than in economy.

The flight attendants are attentive and available to help with anything you need, from getting you settled in your seat to providing dining recommendations.


3. Access to better food

The food served in business class is usually a step up from what’s offered in the economy.

You’ll have a wider variety of choices and the opportunity to enjoy meals created by top chefs.

Plus, you can pair your meal with wine or other drinks from the full bar service.


4. More amenities

In addition to having access to better food and drink, you’ll also enjoy other amenities like noise-cancelling headphones, VIP lounge access, and priority boarding.


5. Earn more reward points

If you’re a frequent flyer, you can rack up reward points by flying business class which can be redeemed for future flights or upgrades.


6. Get to Your destination faster

With priority boarding and de-boarding, you’ll be able to get on and off the plane faster so you can start enjoying your vacation or business trip sooner.


7. Avoid long lines at the airport

If you have lounge access, you can avoid long lines at the airport and enjoy a quiet space to relax before your flight.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of express security lanes and check-in counters.


8. Arrive refreshed

The increased comfort and amenities offered in business class mean that you’re more likely to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed – perfect for exploring a new city or hitting the ground running on a business trip.


9. Work productively

With the extra space and amenities available in business class, you’ll be able to get work done or catch up on some sleep during your flight, so you can arrive feeling relaxed.


10. Enjoy peace of mind

Knowing that you’ll be flying business class can help put your mind at ease and make travel planning less stressful.

And, if you need to cancel or change your plans, most airlines offer more flexible policies for business class tickets.



Flying business class comes with a number of perks that can make your travel experience more enjoyable, from increased comfort to improved service.

If you can swing the cost, we say go for it!

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