Top 10 Benefits of Having a Business Plan

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, you might be wondering if you really need a business plan.

After all, can’t you just wing it?

While it’s true that you don’t necessarily need a formal business plan to start a business, there are some very good reasons why having one can be hugely beneficial.

Let’s take a look at the top ten of those reasons now.


1. Future of your business

When you’re busy running your day-to-day operations, it’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and lose sight of where you want your business to be in the future.

A business plan makes you take a step back and think about your long-term goals and how you’re going to achieve them.

This can help keep you focused and on track when things get tough or when opportunities arise that could potentially take your business off course.


2. Secure funding

If you’re looking to secure funding from banks or investors, they’re going to want to see a well-thought-out business plan that outlines your proposed product or service, target market, and financial projections.

Having a solid business plan shows that you’ve done your homework and that you’re serious about making your business idea a reality.

It can also give potential funders confidence that you know what you’re doing and that their investment will be in good hands.


3. A roadmap

A lot can change in the course of running a business—the market, your competition, your target audience, etc.

Having a roadmap in the form of a business plan can help keep you oriented and on track even when things are constantly changing around you.

Think of it as your north star—a reliable source of guidance that you can refer back to whenever you need it.


4. Track your progress

You’ll need to set some measurable goals and objectives when you’re working on a business plan.

This can be extremely helpful in tracking your progress over time and seeing whether or not you’re on track to achieve your larger objectives.

It can also help you identify areas that need improvement and make necessary course corrections along the way.


5. Keeps you accountable

It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re running a business.

A business plan holds you accountable to yourself and to your stakeholders (if you have any).

This accountability can be a great motivator to stay focused and on track.


6. Easier to delegate tasks

When you have a team of people working with you, a business plan can make it much easier to delegate tasks and responsibilities.

Everyone will have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and how their individual roles fit into the larger picture.

It will help avoid confusion and conflict down the line.


7. Communicate your vision

It’s one thing to have a vision for your business in your head, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to communicate that vision to others.

A well-written business plan can help you do just that.

By articulating your vision in a clear and concise way, you’ll be better equipped to rally people around your cause and get them on board with your plans.


8. A great sales tool

If you’re looking to sell your business (or attract customers/clients), a well-crafted business plan can be an extremely valuable sales tool.

It gives you a chance to really sell your vision and articulate what sets your business apart from the competition.


9. Make better decisions

Having a clear and concise business plan can help you avoid making impulsive or short-sighted decisions.

This is because you’ll always have your goals and objectives in mind and you’ll be able to weigh any potential decision against those before making a final call.


10. Plan changes as your business changes

Your business plan should always be a work in progress.

As your business changes and grows, so too should your business plan.

This doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch every time something changes—just that you should be open to making revisions as necessary.



A business plan is a valuable tool for any entrepreneur—whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years.

By taking the time to create a well-crafted business plan, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the long run.

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