Top 10 Benefits of Living in Singapore

If you’re thinking about making a move to Singapore, you’re in for a treat.

This vibrant city-state has a lot to offer, from its diverse culture and food scene to its world-class infrastructure and breathtaking natural scenery.

Here are the top ten benefits of living in Singapore.


1. Something for everyone

No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find something to do in Singapore.

Love exploring new cultures?

Check out Chinatown or Little India.

Are you a foodie?

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the myriad of hawker centers and restaurants serving up local and international cuisine.

Nature lover?

Take a stroll through one of the many gardens or parks, or head to Pulau Ubin for a taste of old Singapore.


2. Incredibly safe

One of the best things about living in Singapore is how safe it is.

In fact, it’s been ranked in a study as the second safest country in the world.

You can feel confident walking around at any time of day or night, and leaving your belongings unguarded in public places won’t result in them being stolen.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let down your guard completely – it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions when traveling alone – but overall, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe living in Singapore.


3. Excellent healthcare

In addition to being safe, Singapore also boasts excellent healthcare.

It’s been ranked as having the best healthcare system by Bloomberg.

Whether you need routine medical care or require more specialized treatment, you can be sure that you’ll receive high-quality care from experienced professionals.

And if you have health insurance, most or all of your medical expenses will likely be covered.


4. Top-notch education

If you have children, they’ll be able to receive a great education in Singapore.

The country has some of the best schools in Asia, and many of them offer international programs that allow students to learn multiple languages and cultural perspectives.

In addition, Singapore’s universities are highly respected and rank among the best in the world.

So whether your child is interested in attending a local school or an internationally recognized university, they’ll be able to get a high-quality education in Singapore.


5. World-class infrastructure

One of the things that makes Singapore so liveable is its world-class infrastructure.

The public transportation system is efficient and clean, the roads are well-maintained, and the city is kept clean by a team of dedicated street cleaners.

Singapore has some of the best telecommunications and broadband infrastructure in the world, so you’ll always be connected.


6. Perfect weather

If you’re tired of cold winters or blistering hot summers, you’ll love the weather in Singapore.

The country has a tropical climate, so it’s warm and humid all year round.

And while there are occasional downpours during the rainy season, they usually don’t last long, and they help to cool things down.

So if you’re looking for a place to escape the cold or heat, Singapore is the perfect destination.


7. Less tax

One of the best things about living in Singapore is that there’s less tax on personal income.

This means that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Of course, there are still some taxes that you’ll have to pay, such as property taxes and GST (goods and services tax), but overall, you’ll be able to keep more of your money than you would in most other countries.


8. Ideal place to raise a family

Singapore is a great place to raise a family.

In addition to the excellent education and healthcare systems, there are also plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions.

For example, you can take your kids to the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore, or Jurong Bird Park.

Or you can spend a day at one of Singapore’s many family-friendly parks, such as the East Coast Park or the Botanic Gardens.

If you’re looking for a place to raise your kids in a safe and clean environment, there’s no better place than Singapore.


9. Delicious food

One of the best things about living in Singapore is the food.

It has a diverse range of cuisines, from Chinese and Indian to Malay and Indonesian.

And whether you’re looking for street food or fine dining, you’ll be able to find it in Singapore.

Food is also relatively cheap, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to eat well.


10. Great place to work

If you’re looking for a great place to work, Singapore is the perfect destination.

The country has a thriving economy, and it’s one of the most business-friendly countries in the world.

In addition, there are plenty of job opportunities in a variety of industries, so you should be able to find something that suits your skills and interests.

And if you’re worried about finding a job as a foreigner, don’t be – Singapore is very welcoming to ex-pats, and there are plenty of jobs available for those who are willing to work hard.



Singapore is an amazing country with a lot to offer.

If you’re thinking about moving there, you won’t be disappointed.

From the excellent education and healthcare systems to the delicious food and world-class infrastructure, there are plenty of reasons to love living in Singapore.

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