Top 10 Benefits of NATO Membership

With the world becoming an increasingly unstable place, it’s more important than ever for countries to band together in order to maintain peace and security.

That’s why, since 1949, NATO has been working to keep Europe and North America safe.

And, if you’re a country looking for a little extra protection, joining NATO might be the right move for you.

Here are the top ten benefits of NATO membership.


1. Like-minded countries

All of NATO’s members share the same values—democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of law.

By joining NATO, you’ll be putting yourself in good company and aligning yourself with countries that share your commitment to peace and security.


2. Cutting-edge military technology

NATO countries are always working to develop new and better ways to defend themselves, and as a member, you’ll have access to all of that cutting-edge technology.

From early warning systems to state-of-the-art fighter jets, being part of NATO means having access to the best defense money can buy.


3. Protection 

With 30 member countries and a budget of over EUR 1.56 billion, NATO is the strongest military Alliance in the world.

If you’re looking for protection against aggression from another country, joining NATO is the best way to ensure that you’ve got backup.


4. Raise your voice

As a member nation, you get a voice in NATO decision-making.

You can contribute to discussions about military strategy and help shape future policies for the Alliance as a whole.

Joining NATO means having a literal seat at the table—and that’s something no other international organization can offer.


5. Emergency peacetime assistance funds

When natural disasters or economic crises strike, it’s important to have financial help on hand so you can respond quickly and effectively.

As an Alliance partner, you’ll be entitled to emergency assistance from Europe while maintaining control over your own domestic budget.


6. Trade opportunities

Joining NATO can help you open up new trade channels and develop long-lasting economic partnerships.

When countries work together, they tend to do business with each other—so joining the Alliance is a great way to expand your trade horizons.


7. Guaranteed defense 

As part of NATO, you’ll have access to the Military Committee, which is made up of representatives from all member nations who are responsible for overseeing military operations and making sure members are complying with international law.

If another country ever launches an attack against you, you’ll be able to rely on NATO membership as protection.

Joining will make it much more difficult for a hostile foreign power to pose any real threat to your security or sovereignty.


8. Groundwork for future collaboration

NATO operates on two basic principles: collective security and shared responsibility.

When you become a member, you’ll be helping to create that same sense of shared responsibility among all countries in the Alliance—and giving yourself the opportunity to collaborate with other members on common interests down the road.


9. Influence around the world

When you’re part of NATO, you have an automatic seat at international meetings like UN General Assembly and World Trade Organization negotiations.

In fact, being part of NATO has been shown to greatly increase your country’s overall level of political power and social prestige.

If having a strong voice abroad is important to you, it’s worth joining NATO as soon as possible.


10. Access to best intelligence networks

As a NATO member, you’ll have immediate access to all of the Alliance’s extensive intelligence capabilities and resources.

With everything from state-of-the-art satellite imagery to deep knowledge about local populations in hostile countries, NATO has some of the most powerful intelligence resources in the world.

When you need to know what’s happening on the ground, you’ll be able to trust NATO’s information above all else.



As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why joining NATO is valuable for any country—particularly newer ones who may not yet have as much influence in the world as they want.

If you’re looking to ensure your own safety, improve your political standing, or expand your economy, it makes sense to join the strongest military alliance in history.

As an Alliance partner, you’ll have access to a range of benefits that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

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