Top 7 Benefits of Studying Literature

When you think of literature, what comes to mind?

Chances are, you think of the classic novels that you were assigned to read in high school English class.

But literature is so much more than that!

It can be anything from a children’s picture book to a gritty detective novel.

In short, literature is any work of fiction or nonfiction that is written and published.

And while some people may see literature as a superfluous pastime, there are actually many benefits to studying it!

Here are the top seven of them.


1. Improved writing skills

One of the most obvious benefits of studying literature is that it can help improve your writing skills.

This is because when you read well-written pieces, you learn how to construct sentences and use grammar correctly.

You also get exposed to different styles of writing, which can give you some ideas for your own writing.

In addition, when you read literature, you learn how to express yourself better and communicate your thoughts and feelings through writing.


2. Understanding of yourself 

Another benefit of studying literature is that it can help you develop a greater understanding of yourself and others.

When you read about the characters in a book, you learn about their motivations, fears, desires, and emotions.

In turn, this helps you understand your own emotions and motivations better.

By understanding the characters in a book, you can gain empathy for people who may be different from you.

This is an important skill to have in today’s increasingly polarized world.


3. Expand knowledge

In addition to improving your writing skills and developing a greater understanding of yourself and others, studying literature can also help expand your knowledge and horizons.

You read about different cultures and time periods, and you learn about their customs, beliefs, values, and history.

You also learn about different points of view on controversial issues.

Reading literary works can introduce you to new words and concepts that you might not have been exposed to otherwise.

All of this exposure can help broaden your perspective and make you more informed about the world around you.


4. Critical thinking skills

Another benefit of studying literature is that it can help enhance your critical thinking skills.

You have to think about what the author is trying to say and why they are saying it when you read a literary work.

Analyze the characters, plot, and setting in order to understand the work as a whole.

This process of close reading and analysis helps improve your ability to think critically about any issue, not just literary ones.


5. Improved research skills

Studying literature can also help improve your research skills.

In order to write a good literary analysis, you have to do some research on the author, the time period in which the work was written, and the culture in that the work is set in.

This research can come in handy in other areas of your life, such as when you are doing a project for school or work.


6. Deepened knowledge 

If you are interested in a particular subject, studying literature can also help deepen your knowledge of that subject.

For example, if you are interested in history, historical reading fiction can give you a better understanding of what life was like during different time periods.

Additionally, if you are interested in psychology, reading psychological thrillers can give you insights into the human mind.

By reading widely within a particular genre or subject area, you can develop a much deeper understanding of it.


7. Enjoyment

Last but not least, one of the best benefits of studying literature is simply that it is enjoyable.

Reading can be a very pleasurable activity, and it can be even more enjoyable when you are reading something that you are interested in.

In addition, many people find that they appreciate works of literature more after they have studied them in depth.



So if you are looking for a way to improve your writing skills, develop a greater understanding of yourself and others, expand your knowledge and horizons, enhance your critical thinking skills, or just have some fun, studying literature might be the perfect activity for you.

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